TrainingPeaks Structured Workouts in Zwift

By connecting TrainingPeaks with Zwift, you’ll be able to ride structured trainer rides in Zwift, and load your custom TrainingPeaks workout each day.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Login to and make sure your account is linked on the connections page at
  • If they are connected, disconnect, and then re-connect them again just to be sure
  • Next make sure the workout is a trainer workout (TrainingPeaks Structured Workout
  • Lastly, login to Zwift, select workouts, and find today’s workout under the TrainingPeaks drop down

You’ll only see the workout for the current day, and it updates automatically each day. You’re all set and ready to ride!

Gran Fondo and Century Ride Nutrition

Getting ready for your first gran fondo or century ride?

  • Increase your overall carbohydrate intake in the lead up 48 hours before the event, to include higher carbohydrate foods such as breads, potatoes, pastas, and rice.
  • Eat a good size (not excessive) breakfast 2-3 hours before the event with foods that will not upset your stomach. Foods like oatmeal, pancakes, bananas, toast, or cereal.
  • Your body is limited to around 60 grams of carbohydrate absorption per hour, so during the event a good strategy is to primarily consume liquid carbohydrate with electrolyte in 2 large bottles.
  • Bring an extra baggie of drink mix with you to add to your bottles mid-ride at aid stations, supplementing your nutrition strategy with gels every 30-60 minutes, with caffeine as desired.
  • Post-event, eat normal recovery foods with some added proteins and fats.


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