Aerodynamic Testing at the San Diego Wind Tunnel

The San Diego Wind Tunnel has developed a unique testing capability for cyclists and averages 29 years of experience per team member in aerospace test engineering, instrumentation, operations, and data reduction. To date, the facility has conducted testing on over 500 cyclists and for numerous cycling equipment manufacturers. Read more about San Diego wind tunnel testing.

Aerodynamic ERO Testing at the Los Angeles Velodrome

ERO aerodynamic testing utilizes an industry-changing technology, the Track Aero System, which allows us to measure your aerodynamic efficiency in real time as you ride your bike. This groundbreaking system measures your CdA (Coefficient of Drag) as you ride and defines the optimal formula for your bike, your position, and your equipment. Read more about ERO testing.

Aerodynamic Field Testing

Used for marginal refinements, aerodynamic field testing allows a rider to test small changes to his or her position or equipment in the field, such as a new helmet, skinsuit or wheelset. By testing outdoors in comparable real-world conditions, an athlete can better account for variations that may only occur on the road, such as helmet position, shoulder position, and visibility constraints. Read more about aero field testing.