USA Cycling Level 1 Professional Cycling CoachSince 2006, athlete clients that I’ve coached have significantly improved their power on the bike by an average of more than 10% within their first full season. Many of these men and women have won or placed in road racing, time trial, criterium, mountain bike, cyclocross, and track championship events, at the state, national, and UCI world championship level. They’ve set course time trial, RAAM, and world hour records, won ultra distance road and mountain bike endurance events, and have met and exceeded their own personal performance goals.

Athlete Client Results (while coached)

  • UCI World Hour Record Holder
  • UCI Masters Road World Championship Team USA Qualification and Selection
  • USA Cycling Masters Road and Time Trial National Championship Gold Medal Winners
  • USA Cycling Masters Road National Championship Best All-Around Rider (BAR)
  • Over 10 USA Cycling Masters Road and Track Natl Championship Silver and Bronze Medals
  • Over 10 SCNCA/NCNCA California State Championships Gold Medals (Road/CT/TT/Track)
  • Over 30 SCNCA/NCNCA California State Championship Silver and Bronze Medals
  • 2X Race Across America (RAAM) Overall and Team Course Record and RAAM 200 Wins
  • Leadville 100 MTB “Big Buckle” and multiple MTB XC race podiums and race victories
  • Gold Medals at Sea Otter Classic RR, Vlees Huis RR, L’Etape California, and OTF Stage Race
  • Huntsman World Senior Games Champion (TT/RR) & 6-Hour World TT Championship Silver
  • Fiesta Island ITT course record (2007-20K/24:36/30 MPH) and 20K TTT Record (2020)
  • New road racer Cat 5 to Cat 2 upgrades within 1-2 seasons with over 10% power increases
  • Numerous nation-wide road, criterium, time trial, track, ultra, and MTB wins and podiums

Athlete Client Testimonials

Shawn Olin is an elite Cat 1 road cyclist, multi-time USAC National Road and Time Trial Champion, Fiesta Island Time Trial and RAAM Record Holder (5:03:35), California Elite Track and Team Time Trial Champion, and USA Paralympic Team member.


“Fiesta Island is the birthplace of triathlon, making the time trial at the island famous and a hallowed course in the sport of cycling and triathlon. That is why the record was so important to me. Without Coach Tingley, I would never have been able to have a record-setting ride.

Not only did he coach me using power-based training, he approached the record with a scientific, measured approach. Gary used his extensive knowledge of aerodynamics learned from multiple visits to the wind tunnel to dial in my position on the bike. He estimated the amount of power I would need to sustain for the 20KM, and picked a gear that I would be able to turn at the cadence I had trained for. With numerous site visits to the course, we found the fastest lines around the course, and Coach Tingley went back and measure the course using these lines. He then calculated the amount of distance this was, and was able to figure out the EXACT cadence I would need to pedal my custom fixed gear bike (that HE loaned me) round the island.

He got me the bike, dialed in my position, taught me the best lines, and coached me to the fitness level I needed to go out there and ride a 30mph 20K TT and get my name in the record books. Again, without Gary Tingley as my coach and mentor, I would never have been able to have a performance like that.”

Ruth Clemence is an elite Cat 1 road cyclist, UCI Masters World Time Trial Champion, multi-time USAC Masters National  Road Race and Time Trial Champion, and UCI Woman’s Hour Record Holder.

ruthclemence2“We set a few goals along the way and the Hour record for master’s women 55- 59 was a big one. We set the record and your attention to detail in my training and position on the bike lead to my effort on the track being a huge success for me.

Thank you Gary for your coaching participation in my year of racing both road and track!”

Craig Zimmerman is a business executive, SCNCA California State Time Trial Champion, top elite master’s racer and Cat 2 road cyclist, and winner of the Sea Otter Classic Road Race, Santa Barbara Road Race, Vlees Huis Road Race, L’Etape California, OTF Stage Race (and RR/TT), and other road and TT races.

“I’ve been racing for 25 years with mediocre results. With a full time job running a company, I assumed my shot at improving my racing and fun was behind me. Then I connected with Gary and he started coaching me.

First, he does a terrific job of fitting in the training with my professional life. He is flexible with my time but he ensures that the work I need to be successful gets fit in. Next, he helps me identify targets and then we build towards those targets in a low pressure but meaningful way. Before Gary, I used to start a race hoping to hang on and thinking maybe something good could come my way.

Now with Gary coaching me, I enter races excited because I have confidence in my physical training so now I get to play out my tactics. It has given my racing an entirely new angle. It is an amazing feeling to train with Gary’s specific exercises and then enter a race and feel that work play out in your legs. Whether it’s climbing, sprinting or time trialing, the specific training zones pop up in the middle of the race and there is a feeling of familiarity and comfort. And that’s when the tactics and fun begin!”

Butch Richardson is a multi-time California and USAC Masters Nationals Road Race and Individual Time Trial Champion and winner of the Best All-Around Rider (BAR).


“When it comes to coaching I feel that Gary has the gift of making his coachees feel as if they’re the only ones he’s helping….he’s really focused on them and their needs and is able to create fine individual programs. He always keeps himself up-to-date on the latest training methods.

His expert knowledge of the sport and its unique physical demands make him extremely effective”.

Chris Cherniak is a financial industry executive, national caliber elite masters racer, Cat 2 road cyclist, and winner of multiple road and criterium races in the Southeastern USA.


“Racing with the Pro’s is a huge goal. Deciding to go from Cat 5 to the Pro’s at age 46 is a much bigger ask. Gary’s expertise in power meter training, structured workouts, nutrition, and recovery was the formula for my success.

Gary has helped me obtain my long lived goal of racing in the Pro peloton. Whether your looking for just enhancement to your performance or going all the way, Gary has what you need to get there. Be prepared, you have to do the workouts, but after multiple podiums I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Christian V Cherniak”.

Charles Hogan is a business executive and elite masters cyclist, racing in Southern California and national road and criterium events.

“I began working with Gary last season to prepare for the upcoming road and criterium race calendar in Southern California and nationally. Over the last several months we’ve been able to make strong improvements in my race-day power.

The structured workouts and custom weekly plan updates work well with my busy schedule.

Thanks Gary for all the support and encouragement!”.

Dr. Bill Langstaff is a multi-time California state Individual Time Trial and Team Time Trial Champion, and medalist at USAC Masters Road Nationals.


“I first met Gary Tingley at Fiesta Island during a warm up for a Time Trial. Gary looked so fit I figured he would beat me by 2-3 minutes. When the results came I was surprised that I had beaten Gary by 2 minutes. Why–because he was a triathlete at the time just getting into cycling. Fast forward I noticed that Gary had created a series for time trials called SoCal Time Trial Series. He included 4 well known venues throughout the southland and that started a place where time trialists could compete and check results. It still exists today and I am proud to say I still compete.

Gary doesn’t do anything half way. He gives every effort he decides to enter his all. The next time we did Fiesta together he did beat me by 2 minutes and hasn’t looked back since. Once he got into the coaching aspect of cycling I knew he would be a great coach because of his attention to detail and care. I will tell you his coaching for me was terrific. I went on to win several state(California) championships as well as team time trials. 2 years ago I got a 3rd place at the national level of which I attribute the coaching from Gary as a hugh part of that accomplishment. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Coach Gary and recommend him to anyone wanted to excel in the sport. Thanks for the opportunity to be a better cyclist Gary”.

Professor Beth Dawson is an education professional and USAC NCNCA California State Time Trial and Criterium champion, Gold Medal Champion in the Huntsman World Senior Games Individual Time Trial and Road Race, and Bronze Medalist in the USA Cycling Masters National Championship Time Trial, and a UCI Masters Time Trial World Championship Qualifier.

“A couple of years back, I decided to get serious about my master’s racing, My goal was to find a coach who knew how to get results and that is how I found Coach Gary. He built a great program to help me improve my fitness and get back into racing.

In early 2019, we got the news that I had cancer. No one knew if I would ride again. Coach kept our focus on my health. When I couldn’t ride, he programmed core and stretch workouts. When I had a break in treatment, he had me back on the bike doing high-results training. After spending most of 2019 doing little work, I was about to hang up my racing gear.

Then Coach said something that will stay with me forever: “There is still one more race.” The district time trial championships were a mere 7 weeks away. Maybe I could do it for fun, see if I could stay upright for a few miles. The competition was stiff – lots of women’s age group winners and last year’s first place.

I was packing up my gear when my team mates came over – I was on the podium in a solid third just seconds off silver. Bronze never felt so good. With Coach Gary’s expertise, I was able to use every ounce of energy I had to train in a way that was efficient and healthy. Coaching is more than just finding the right workouts, it’s about adjusting to life’s unexpected challenges and keeping your eyes on the prize.

With a little luck and a lot of hard work, we’re going to be there in 2020 stronger than ever! Thanks, Coach, for standing by me through everything”.

Jason Ryan is a business professional and multi-time race champion, SCNCA California State Individual and Team Time Trial Champion, Fiesta Island TTT record holder (20K/24:48), has set the mark of fastest individual overall time of the day at Fiesta Island Time Trial, and is a silver medalist at the 6-Hour World Time Trial Championship.

“I have a family with small kids and a job in software sales that requires frequent travel. When I decided to add bicycle racing to my busy schedule, I knew that I would need a coach that is both very flexible and knowledgeable in the sport of cycling. Gary is both of these. He stays current on the latest advancements in bicycle training and is very flexible with my fluctuating training schedule. Each workout that he builds has a specific purpose and is designed with my goals in mind for the season.

Prior to working with Gary, I had been involved in triathlon for several years. What I didn’t have was any knowledge of bicycle racing. I was even somewhat intimidated by the sport. Gary took a very hands-on approach to educating me on everything from how to position myself in group rides, to racing tactics, details on each race course and pacing strategies. He also made sure that I was dialed in to the most efficient and aerodynamic position on both my road bike and my time trial bike. In my first season under his coaching, I won numerous time trials, had multiple podiums in criterium and also stepped onto the podium at the state ITT championship race.

Gary’s power-based training program is very time efficient and enjoyable. His passion for the sport is contagious and extremely motivating. I highly recommend Gary to anyone that is serious about improving their cycling skills. Thanks for all of your support Gary!”

Daniel Dorantes is a business professional, age-group endurance cyclist, and Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR) finisher, racing regional and national road and gravel endurance cycling events.

“I just wanted to update you on my experience at BWR. I decided to go all out and do the Waffle. I got lucky without any mechanicals or flats along the way. That’s what I was thinking most during my ride since I was seeing people fixing their tires almost everywhere. I wasn’t trying to get the best time possible as much as just finishing the race. Still felt that finishing in just under 9 hours is a pretty good accomplishment. This event was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again! I feel accomplished and I’m hungry for more! I definitely couldn’t not have finished the event without your help and training! Thanks Coach! “

Bernadette Brake is a business professional, a USAC SCNCA California State ITT and TTT Champion and a multi-time winner of the Fiesta Island Time Trial.

“Gary’s training program has given me consistent improvement.

He’s helped me to achieve fitness after injury with considerable time off the bike.

His workouts are time efficient and produce results!”

Brandon Strausbaugh is a business executive, masters MTB XC racer, and winner of the UCI MTB XC US Cup race in Vail, Southern California

“Race day at the national US Cup went well today, the rain cleared and sun came out an hour before start time. Got my first, 1st place finish in XC! I felt good throughout the race and still felt like I had plenty left in the tank at the end.

The level of communication with my coaching program and your overall planning, analysis, continuous feedback, and detailed training workouts have helped me get ready for a run at championship and podium placings this year. Looking forward to the next race.

Such a great feeling to get the result racing this weekend that I’ve been training for. Really appreciate you helping me get here and the program you’ve put together for me!”

Dr. Tom Nelson is a masters time trial specialist and California State Individual Time Trial Champion.

tom“I am a practicing general surgeon who also runs a surgical directorate with 330 employees. With a full time job and a family, I needed focused training due to my real life time constraints. I got into cycling a few years ago and started to race in earnest less than two years ago.

Working with Gary allowed me to focus on raising my FTP and improve my position on my TT bike which enabled me to win the SCNCA State Individual Time Trial Championship as a Cat 4 rider. Over just three to four months leading up to that race, I was able to raise my FTP by nearly 10% and also improved my position to shave off over 2 minutes on my previous best 40k time. Gary was also extremely flexible in adjusting my training schedule for travel, other races, and endurance events like the Belgian Waffle Ride without derailing my “A Race” goals for the season.

Gary’s workouts challenged me with specific efforts at FTP and through VO2 Max work and helped me to realize a Gold Medal in my category, a time that would have netted me a Bronze Medal in the Cat 3 group, and a fifth place if I had raced in the PRO/1/2 race. Thanks Gary – here’s to next season and a Cat 3 medal.

Tom Nelson, MD
Captain, Medical Corps, United States Navy
Director of Surgical Services, Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton”

Marty Fabrick is a retired high alpine climber and retired auto racer, and masters time trialist, racing in Southern California road time trial cycling events.

“Hi Gary – I met my power goals for this morning’s Fiesta Island Time Trial. I rode the aerobars for the entire race (other than the one corner that I took on the base bar) and I’m very happy with that.

I pushed my power up across the finish and averaged higher watts for the last section of the race. I’m very happy with my finish.

Thanks for working with me this year and helping me to reach my goals!”.

Stephen Pimentel is a student, a development elite cyclist, and a multi-time cycling time trial and criterium champion.


“Last season I opted to transition from racing triathlon to racing road.

I worked with Gary to prepare for racing road and crits and was able to increase my functional threshold power (FTP) by 100 watts over the winter.

I’ve already won 3 races this season, and it’s only April!”.

Jim DeGoey is a business professional, masters ABR national age-group team time trial champion, and multiple-state masters time trial champion, racing in midwest and national road time trial cycling events. Additional victories include 13 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics age-group time trial championships (2013-2019), 2014 Virginia Senior Games age-group time trial championship, 2014 Virginia State age-group time trial championship, two Mid-Atlantic regional age-group time trial series championships (2014-2015), four Wisconsin Senior Olympics age-group time trial championships (2019-2020), 2019 Wisconsin State age-group time trial championship, and a 2019 American Bike Racing national age-group team time trial championship.. Visit his racing website at

“Gary and I began working together last season to increase my functional threshold power (FTP) and prepare me for the upcoming regional, state, and national individual time trial (ITT) and team time trial (TTT) events.

Over the past year we’ve been able to make strong and progressive improvements in my race-day sustainable power and overall fitness. I enjoy the structured workouts and custom weekly plan updates as they work well with my work and family commitments.

Here’s to another great season, thanks again Gary!”.

Dr. Peter Espinoza is a nationally competitive masters road cyclist and a top Southern California multi-time criterium podium finisher in the Men’s Masters 55+ category.

“August 2014 someone on a training ride asked me when was the last time I did a Masters Crit. I could not remember, and he asked me why? Old, fat, hot and tired was my answer. I was over 55 years old, happily married to a beautiful wife, 5 loving happy children, a thriving private dental practice, a devoted loving person in Christ. I am grateful for all my blessings but something was missing. I needed to change some how, to challenge myself. The only way I was going to be happy with myself in this life is to raise the bar. I can honestly say I had no goals, at first, because I did not believe I was capable. After many a year beating on my trade (cycling) with no improvement, help was needed, I needed a coach who I could put my faith into. “A leap of faith” is how I would describe it.

I did not know Gary, only what was on Training Peaks Coach Profiles. I committed myself to “his” plan for success. This ain’t for health spa waffle eating _____, this is serious stuff, and it is very scientific, all numbers no perceived exertion. Working with his coaching style, I have learned that I am more capable than I thought possible.

When Gary gives me a Threshold Power session, I know I am able to finish it. I no longer do what I did in the past, its better, its fun again, way fun! I feel like a kid on that big roller coaster. I had a great season, best ever and can’t wait till next year! Funny thing happened this last weekend, a friend, a very successful 45+ Masters suggested I try out for California State Crit, he said ‘you definitely have a great shot at it.’ Training is easy compared to believing in yourself. For me that belief only comes from success, even if you fail, you still believe because its real!

I never knew that, and it would not have happened if Gary didn’t teach me how to win, its more than just bike racing it is worth living for.”.