San Diego Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Testing

The San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) uses a state of the art system to accurately measure the forces acting on the cyclist. Unlike other facilities that use balances that are designed to measure much higher loads, each component of the wind tunnel balance was tailored specifically for the loads expected to be encountered by the cyclist. This allows for precise, detailed data to be acquired for the smallest changes in bicycle setup or cyclist position. Using a “Heads-Up” display, all of the important parameters are projected on the floor ahead of the cyclist. This gives the cyclist instant feedback to the effect of any changes that they make to their position. The coach is positioned about 7 feet from the cyclist and is able to communicate with the cyclist verbally via a microphone. The cyclist is able to focus on his position and cadence and listen to the coach’s instructions. Read more information in the tri-fold.