Silver Coaching Program – 2024

The Silver Coaching Program (most popular program) includes a TrainingPeaks Premium account, weekly training power file reviews, training review phone calls and calendar updates every 4 weeks, goals assessment, power testing, annual training planning, calendar modifications, platform messaging, text, and email communication, and TrainingPeaks advanced data analytics.

Gold Coaching Program – 2024

The premier Gold Coaching Program provides athlete clients with the highest levels of analysis and ultimate personal interaction, including daily training power file reviews, weekly calendar updates, additional plan modifications, unlimited phone calls, messaging, text, and email communication, and advanced training analysis using TrainingPeaks WKO5.

Coaching Program LevelSilverGold
Training File ReviewsWeeklyDaily
Power or HR Workouts
Training Calendar UpdatesEvery 4 WeeksWeekly
Advanced Data AnalyticsTrainingPeaks AnalyticsWKO5 Analytics
TrainingPeaks PremiumIncluded ($19/mo value)Included ($19/mo value)
Training Plan Modifications2 per MonthUnlimited
Training Review Phone CallsEvery 4 WeeksWeekly
Historical Data Review
Power Testing & Profiling
Annual Training Plan Design
Performance Goal Planning
Body Comp/Weight Tracking
Start-up Consultation
Mobile Smartphone App
Workouts Emailed Daily
Platform Messages, Emails8 per MonthUnlimited
Personalized FeedbackKey WorkoutsEvery Workout
Zwift ERG Mode Workouts
Local Coached RidesSelect
Cancellation Notice30 Days30 Days
Initial Start-up Fee$100$100
Monthly Coaching Fee$225$375
Program AvailabilityContact for AvailabilityContact for Availability