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Aero Helmet Wind Tunnel Testing

We tested several aero helmets. Not surprisingly, we found that every athlete responds differently to aero equipment. One common theme is that there were “good” and “bad” helmets, regardless of the rider that was testing them. Results for the Louis Garneau and Giro are shown above. Surprisingly, the old Troxel titanium dimpled helmet also tested well.

How to Calculate Cycling Aerodynamic Drag Using a Power Meter

Originally seen at http://cyclingillustrated.com/how-to-calculate-cycling-aerodynamic-drag-using-a-power-meter/ Don’t have access to a wind tunnel or velodrome? No problem. You can test your own time trial position or gear/helmet changes using the following instructions. All you need is a calm day, an uninterrupted flat course, a power meter, and the following instructions. Using details in the screenshot image above, and […]

Racing a Time Trial: Preparation, Strategy, Recovery

Originally seen at http://cyclingillustrated.com/how-to-prepare-for-a-time-trial-part-1/ It’s the day before the big event, and you are wondering “should I take it easy today?” Yes, absolutely. One of the most important race preparation elements is relaxation. You should arrive at the event relaxed and prepared to give your best effort. The goal is to line up the day of […]

The 10-Minute Cycling Core Maintenance Plan

As seen on CyclingIllustrated.com  http://cyclingillustrated.com/category/gary-tingley/ Let’s face it, core work is often overlooked and many riders avoid it altogether. It can be a hassle to find time to incorporate it, and with so many variations, where do you start? What if a simple, 10-minute, daily routine could prevent future overuse and back strain problems, increase […]